Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gǎnqíng is an important concept in which is loosely translated as "feeling" and is related to the concept of '''' . ''Gǎnqíng'' reflects the tenor of a social relationship between two people or two groups. One can speak of having good ''gǎnqíng,'' meaning that two people have a good rapport, or deep ''gǎnqíng,'' meaning that there is considerable feeling within a social relationship.

The term ''gǎnqíng'' is often used in comments by the , and is often mistranslated when used in this context. Often one will see a statement that an action "hurts the feelings of the Chinese people." This statement is better translated as an action "disturbs the relationship with the Chinese people." When used in this context the statement is actually implicitly threatening that should the action continue, cooperation would not be forthcoming in the future.

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